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Why shop local?

1. Protect local character & prosperity: Portland is unlike any other city in the world. By choosing to support locally owned businesses, you help maintain Portland’s diversity and distinctive flavor.

2. Promote community well-being: Locally owned businesses build strong neighborhoods by sustaining communities, linking neighbors, and by contributing more to local causes.

3. Back local decision making: Local ownership means that important decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will feel the impacts of those decisions.

4. Keep dollars in our local economy: Your dollars spent at locally owned businesses have three times the impact on your community as dollars spent at national chains. When shopping locally, you simultaneously create jobs, fund more city services through sales tax, invest in neighborhood improvement, and promote community development.

5. Support job creation: Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally and, in some sectors, provide better wages and benefits than chains do.

6. Celebrate entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship fuels America’s economic innovation and prosperity, and serves as a key means for families to move out of low-wage jobs and into the middle class.

7. Conserve public venefits: Local stores in town centers require comparatively little infrastructure and make more efficient use of public services relative to big box stores and strip shopping malls.

8. Encourage environmental sustainability: Local stores help to sustain vibrant, compact, walkable town centers-which in turn are essential to reducing sprawl, automobile use, habitat loss, and air and water pollution.

9. Fuel competition: A marketplace of tens of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term.

10. Finance product diversity: A multitude of small businesses, each selecting products based, not on a national sales plan, but on their own interests and the needs of their local customers, guarantees a much broader range of product choices.

Adapted and reprinted from The Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

Alberta Street business directory

Click here to add or edit your business listing. All addresses below are in Portland, Oregon.

Type of BusinessName of BusinessAddressPhone
Nonprofit OrganizationEritrean Community Center1006 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsBye and Bye1011 NE Alberta Street503-281-0537
Food CartGrilled Cheese Grill1027 NE Alberta Street503- 206-8959
Restaurants & BarsAlberta Street Public House1036 NE Alberta Street503- 284-7665
Restaurants & BarsRadio Room1101 NE Alberta Street503- 287-2346
Professional Services - Employment ServicesBrooks Staffing1130 NE Alberta Street503 - 540-7930
Restaurants & BarsDonnie Vegas1203 NE Alberta Street
Specialty ShopsDivision Vapor1207 NE Alberta Street503-281-8273
Pets - Grooming & Pet WashingHair of the Dog1211 NE Alberta Street503- 284-9274
Pets - Doggie Day CareDog Gone Happy1215 NE Alberta Street503- 288-4462
Retail - Candy ShopCandy Babel1219 NE Alberta Street
Service - Custom Canvas ProductsWaagmeester Canvas Products1222 NE Alberta Street503- 288-6591
Professional ServicesA to Z Media1223 NE Alberta Street503-736-3261
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareAlberta Healing Arts Center 1223 NE Alberta Street503- 206-5309
Health & FitnessEcoPower Fitness1237 NE Alberta Street503-673-6326
Health & FitnessI Am Yoga1301 NE Alberta Street503-280-9642
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareAlberta Green House1313 NE Alberta Street503-954-3900
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsTerrell Brandon's Barbershop1330 NE Alberta Street
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareZoom Care1400 NE Alberta Street503- 608-3080
Professional Services - Real EstateLiving Room Realty1401 NE Alberta Street503- 719-5588
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesCupcake Jones1405 NE Alberta Street503-222-4404
RetailEcoVibe Apparel1408 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsBamboo Sushi1409 NE Alberta Street503-889-0336
Professional ServicesKIK Laboratory1412 NE Alberta Street
Retail - FlowersFlowers in Flight1413 NE Alberta Street503-274-7088
Retail - Shoes Imelda's Shoes and Louie's Shoes for Men1416 NE Alberta St503-444-7767
LodgingShift Vacation Rentals1421 NE Alberta Street503-208-2581
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesCase Study Coffee1422 NE Alberta Street
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsTön Vangard1433 NE Alberta Street503- 280-5280
Restaurants & BarsTin Shed Garden Café1438 NE Alberta Street503- 288-6966
Retail - ClothingFrock1439 NE Alberta Street503- 595-0379
VACANT[under construction]1451 NE Alberta Street
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesFuel Bistro & Coffee Bar1452 NE Alberta Street503- 335-3835
Retail - ClothingZig Zag Wanderer1458 NE Alberta Street503-737-5014
Professional Services - FinancialCountry Financial1468 NE Alberta Street503-203-1219
VACANTAvailable for lease1476 NE Alberta Street
Food CartAlberta15 Food Carts1477 NE Alberta Street
Nonprofit OrganizationSabin CDC
1488 NE Alberta Street971- 282-3302
GroceriesAlberta Cooperative Grocery1500 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsDevil's Den1520 NE Alberta Street503- 331-7119
Retail - ClothingPortland Hemp Works1524 NE Alberta Street503-791-2914
Retail - Office Supplies & MailingTran Postal Central1526 NE Alberta Street503- 459-4713
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareThe Wax Skin Spa1532 NE Alberta Street503-477-9991
Service - Automotive & TransportationNew Rose City Cab Co.1533 NE Alberta Street503- 282-7707
Food CartBantu Island Food Carts1533 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsHelser’s NW 1538 NE Alberta Street503- 281-1477
Retail - BookstoreGreen Bean Books1600 NE Alberta Street503- 954-2354
Retail - Shoe StoreThe Shoe Store1603 NE Alberta Street971- 271-8926
Retail - Art and Craft Suppliescollage annex1607 NE Alberta Street503- 788-6800
Retail - JewelryGrayling Jewelry1609 NE Alberta Street503-548-4979
LodgingInn Alberta Arts1614 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsRice Junkies1625 NE Alberta Street503 - 546-7063
Specialty Services -Home decorThe Workroom Custom Draperies1627 NE Alberta858-231-2522
Retail - GiftsLocal Discoveries1627 NE Alberta Street503- 209-3956
GalleryStuStuStudio1627 NE Alberta Street
Creative StudioIllustrated Playing Cards1627 NE Alberta Street #2
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsZuzu Organic Salon1627 NE Alberta Street #3503-928-5538
Retail - Skin/Body CareBlendily1627 NE Alberta Street #4503-765-9468
Retail - GiftsTemple I AM1627 NE Alberta Street #B1503-875-1293
RetailMusique Plastique1627 NE Alberta Street, #5
Retail - Art and Craft Suppliescollage1639 NE Alberta Street503- 249-2190
Nonprofit OrganizationCommunity Cycling Center1700 NE Alberta Street503- 288-8864
Service - CleaningCourtesy Janitorial1705 NE Alberta Street503- 287-7354
Retail - StickersNo Limits Stickers1705 NE Alberta Street503- 360-1066
Retail - Paint Your Own PotteryMimosa Studios1718 NE Alberta Street503- 288-0770
Restaurants & BarsOvum Wines (coming soon)1719 NE Alberta Street (Lower Level)
Nonprofit OrganizationAlberta Main Street1722 NE Alberta Street503- 683-3552
Professional Services - ArchitectureMitchell Snyder Architecture1722 NE Alberta Street503-319-4183
Retail - GiftsRed Sail1723 NE Alberta Street971- 266-8472
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesBarista1725 NE Alberta Street503- 208-2568
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsEarls Barbershop1726 NE Alberta Street503-249-5068
Retail - GiftsRutabaga1732 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsAviary1733 NE Alberta Street503- 287-2400
Pets - Veterinary ServicesAlberta Veterinary Care1737 NE Alberta Street, #102503-206-7700
Professional Services - MarketingUpsource1737 NE Alberta Street, #201800-893-2590
Professional ServicesSolid Ground Consulting1737 NE Alberta Street, #205503-249-0000
Nonprofit OrganizationVibrant Village Foundation1737 NE Alberta Street, #207503-206-4859
Professional ServicesDorsay and Easton LLP1737 NE Alberta Street, #208503-790-9060
Financial InstitutionUmpqua Bank1745 NE Alberta Street503-219-6160
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesRandom Order Pie Bar1800 NE Alberta Street971- 340-6995
Restaurants & BarsSolae's Lounge1801 NE Alberta Street503-206-8338
Restaurants & BarsZilla Sake1806 NE Alberta Street503- 288-8372
Retail - Organic ClothingSuper Natural Eco Boutique1808 NE Alberta Street503-810-9232
Retail - ClothingTumbleweed1812 NE Alberta Street503- 335-3100
Professional ServicesWater Closet Media1816 NE Alberta Street503-221-9893
Retail - Children'sGrasshopper1816 NE Alberta Street503-335-3131
Restaurants & BarsPetite Provence1824 NE Alberta Street503- 284-6564
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareFox Massage1829 NE Alberta Street503-333-2425
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareAlberta Street Acupuncture Clinic 1829 NE Alberta Street503- 249-9300
Retail - Home & Gardendigs1829 NE Alberta Street503- 460-3447
OtherThe Wild Unknown1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite
Specialty Services - Beauty & Personal CareSugarpuss Beauty1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 2503- 913-8489
Professional Services - CounselingColleen Moloney, LCSW1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 3503-281-0243
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareRising Fire1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 5503-484-5426
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareB-LINE Clinic1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 5503-757-4846
Professional Services - CounselingPractical Parenting1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 7503-929-1765
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareShamandala1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 7A
Service - Landscape DesignBlossom Earthworks1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 8
JewelryHeartcave1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 10
Professional ServicesVery True Story1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 11503-922-2251
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareWalker Family Chiropractic1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 12503-201-9098
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareThe Motion Massage Studio1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 12503- 282-9119
Retail - MusicTrade Up Music1834 NE Alberta Street503- 335-8800
Restaurants & BarsHilt1934 NE Alberta Street971- 255-1793
VACANTAvailable for Lease2000 NE Alberta Street
Pets - Food & SuppliesHealthy Pets NW2001 NE Alberta Street503- 249-6571
Retail - Shoe StorepedX2005 NE Alberta Street503- 460-0760
Professional ServicesContext Parters2009 NE Alberta Street, Suite 201503-575-4850
Professional Services - PRResource Media2009 NE Alberta Street, Suite 205503-719-5626
Health & FitnessActivityConnection.com2009 NE Alberta Street, Suite 206
Nonprofit OrganizationCenter for Biological Diversity2009 NE Alberta Street, Suite 207971- 717-6405
Professional Services - Home MortgageWillamette Valley Bank - Alberta2009 NE Alberta Street, Suite 211503-427-2849
VACANT[under construction]2012 NE Alberta Street503-519-5210
Restaurants & BarsVia Chicago2013 NE Alberta Street503-719-6809
Restaurants & BarsBunk Sandwiches2017 NE Alberta Street503-328-2865
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareAlberta Eye Care2021 NE Alberta Street
Retail - GiftsScreaming Sky2025 NE Alberta Street503- 922-1500
VACANT[under construction]2026 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsBoxer Ramen2032 NE Alberta Street503-946-1619
Restaurants & BarsSalt & Straw Ice Cream2035 NE Alberta Street503- 208-3867
Restaurants & BarsLittle Big Burger2038 NE Alberta Street503-206-4997
Restaurants & BarsBollywood Theater2039 NE Alberta Street971- 200-4711
Nonprofit OrganizationAmerican Legion2104 NE Alberta Street503- 284-7272
Restaurants & BarsEl Nutri Taco2124 NE Alberta Street503- 788-3492
Professional Services - Furniture RefinishingAladdin Finishers2127 NE Alberta Street503- 282-6411
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsBishops Barber Shop2132 NE Alberta Street503-546-4171
Retail - Fabric StoreBolt Neighborhood Fabric Boutique2136 NE Alberta Street503- 287-2658
Retail - Yarn StoreClose Knit2140 NE Alberta Street503- 288-4568
Restaurants & BarsCiao Vito2203 NE Alberta Street503-282-5522
Retail - Market & Bottle ShopSupper Fly Market2203 NE Alberta Street503-282-5522
Restaurants & BarsGreat Notion Brewing2204 NE Alberta Street503- 548-4491
Restaurants & BarsPine State Biscuits2204 NE Alberta Street503- 477-6605
Food CartSip Juice Bar2210 NE Alberta Street503-680-5639
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareSun Gate Studio2215 NE Alberta Street503- 830-7977
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesBack to Eden Bakery2217 NE Alberta Street503-477-5022
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesTownshends Teahouse2223 NE Alberta Street503-445-6699
Tattoo ShopOptic Nerve Arts2224 NE Alberta Street503- 287-0339
Professional Services - AttorneyNW Debt Relief2225 NE Alberta Street503- 860-6868
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareBody Aware Massage2225 NE Alberta Street503- 287-1444
Retail - ClothingAmelia2230 NE Alberta Street
Food Cart23rd & Alberta Food Carts2231 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsHana by Sushi Hana2236 NE Alberta Street503- 719-6984
Retail - GiftsHabromania2303 NE Alberta Street503- 223-0767
Restaurants & BarsThe Knock Back2315 NE Alberta Street503- 284-4090
Restaurants & BarsCruzroom2338 NE Alberta Street503-208-3483
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesJust Bob2403 NE Alberta Street503- 286-2030
Retail - ClothingThe Pencil Test2407 NE Alberta Street971 - 266-8611
Restaurants & BarsAlleyway Café & Bar2415 NE Alberta Street503- 287-7760
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsAll Teased Up Hair Studio2517 NE Alberta Street503- 249-0672
2525 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsEnzo’s Caffe Italiano2529 NE Alberta Street503- 222-1601
Restaurants & BarsMae Ploy Thai Cuisine2531 NE Alberta Street503-281-6180
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsTastemakers Salon2616 NE Alberta Street503- 287-3996
Specialty Services - Organic Spray Tanning & WaxingSheShe Spa2616 NE Alberta Street503-369-9532
Restaurants & BarsWaffle Window2624 NE Alberta Street503- 265-8031
Restaurants & BarsThai Noon2635 NE Alberta Street503- 282-2021
Health & FitnessPeak Performance2640 NE Alberta Street503- 288-4500
Retail - ClothingSuite 6 Boutique2641 NE Alberta Street503- 517-0305
VACANT2700 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsThe Station2703 NE Alberta Street503- 284-4491
Restaurants & BarsAkasaru Ramen2712 NE Alberta Street971-284-7000
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CarePortland Herbal Education Center2714 NE Alberta Street503-453-5708
Restaurants & BarsBinks2715 NE Alberta Street503- 493-4430
GalleryAlberta Street Gallery2724 NE Alberta Street503- 280-6329
GalleryAntler Gallery & Store2728 NE Alberta Street805- 453-4191
VACANT2728 NE Alberta Street
Professional Services - ContractorsRiggins Remodeling2739 NE Alberta Street503- 284-3285
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesTonalli’s Donuts & Ice Cream2805 NE Alberta Street503- 284-4510
GroceriesLaPlayita Market2815 NE Alberta Street503- 284-5676
Restaurants & BarsLaSirenita2817 NE Alberta Street503- 335-8283
Professional Services - Web DesignDorey Design Group2827 NE Alberta Street503- 914-6495
Nonprofit OrganizationBlack United Fund of Oregon2828 NE Alberta Street503- 282-7973
Restaurants & BarsLa Bonita2839 NE Alberta Street503- 281-3662
Retail - HerbariumClary Sage Herbarium2841 NE Alberta Street503- 236-6737
Retail - WineViola Wine Cellars2901 NE Alberta Street503-318-5053
Restaurants & BarsBernie’s Southern Bistro2904 NE Alberta Street503- 282-9864
Retail - Bike ShopGladys Bikes2905 NE Alberta Street
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesCaffe Vita2909 NE Alberta Street503- 954-2171
Health & FitnessUrban Pilates2915 NE Alberta Street503- 505-9203
GalleryAmpersand Gallery & Fine Books2916 NE Alberta Street503- 805-5458
Retail - Shoe StorePie Footwear2916 NE Alberta Street503- 288-1999
Retail - GiftsCORD2916 NE Alberta Street503-805-5537
Nonprofit OrganizationI Have a Dream - Oregon2916 NE Alberta Street503- 287-7203
Restaurants & BarsDarSalam2921 NE Alberta Street503- 206-6148
Restaurants & BarsT.C. O'Leary's (coming soon)2926 NE Alberta Street
Retail - GiftsRedbird Studio2927 NE Alberta Street503- 593-0833
Retail - ClothingUna Pluma2929 NE Alberta Street503-757-7436
Retail - JewelryImix Jewelry2929 NE Alberta Street
GalleryFlight 642934 NE Alberta Street
Restaurants & BarsBella Pizza2934 NE Alberta Street503- 282-0600
GalleryGuardino Gallery2939 NE Alberta Street503- 281-9048
Restaurants & BarsStella Taco2940 NE Alberta Street503- 288-3400
Entertainment VenuesAlberta Rose Theatre3000 NE Alberta Street503- 719-6055
Professional Services - Appliance RepairAppliance & Refrigeration Hospital3003 NE Alberta Street503- 281-0041
Professional Services - iPhone RepairThe Fix Hut3008 NE Alberta Street503-442-2885
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsBarber-Q3010 NE Alberta Street503- 493-2525
RetailPDX Gold Dust3012 NE Alberta503-288-4610
Restaurants & BarsVita Café3023 NE Alberta Street503- 335-8233
Restaurants & BarsCha`ba Thai3024 NE Alberta Street503-719-6917
Specialty ServicesPortland Fretworks3027 NE Alberta Street503- 249-3737
Restaurants & BarsUrdaneta3033 NE Alberta Street503-288-1990
Coffee/Tea Shops & BakeriesThe Big Egg3039 NE Alberta Street971-373-8098
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareZen Space Healing Center4927 NE 30th Avenue503- 281-0681
Nonprofit OrganizationBitch Media4930 NE 29th Avenue503- 282-5699
Retail - ClothingBristlecone4932 NE 30th Avenue503- 358-3395
Retail - Home & Gardenthicket4933 NE 23rd Avenue503- 926-3817
Retail - GiftsDarling Distraction4936 NE 16th Avenue503-282-2240
RetailSeisuke Knife4940 NE 16th Avenue503-265-8138
Nonprofit OrganizationLifeWorks/Umoja Center4941 NE 17th Avenue
VACANTAvailable for Lease4942 NE 20th Avenue
Restaurants & BarsSwiss Hibiscus4950 NE 14th Avenue503- 477-9224
Galleryvitrifiedstudio : collection5001 NE 30th Avenue
Professional Services - PaintingThe Rodriguez Corporation5005 NE 14th Avene(503) 245-4035
Retail - BookstoreMonograph Bookwerks5005 NE 27th Avenue
LodgingCaravan-The Tiny House Hotel5009 NE 11th Avenue
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsRed Magnolia Salon5011 NE 13th Avenue503- 719-7930
Tattoo ShopFreaks and Geeks Tattoo Studio5014 NE 24th Avenue503- 317-1325
Hair Salons & Barber ShopsDapper Barber Co.5018 NE 22nd Avenue503-284-6008
Professional ServicesSuvoda5019 NE 21st Avenue

Nearby businesses

Type of BusinessName of BusinessAddressPhone
Entertainment VenueAlberta Abbey126 NE Alberta Street503-897-7037
Health & FitnessMe Fitness Studios4943 NE MLK Jr. Blvd503-282-7900
Health & Fitness - self defenseCascadia Self Defense4927 NE 14th Ave206-289-0171
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareGood Life Medicine Center827 NE Alberta Street503-477-6670
Health, Wellness Services & Alternative CareNorth by Northeast Community Health Center714 NE Alberta Street503-287-4932
Nonprofit OrganizationSt. Andrew Legal Clinic807 NE Alberta St.503-281-1500
Nonprofit OrganizationPortland Story Theater3333 NE 15th Ave503-284-2226
PreschoolHummingbird Preschool5254 NE 18th Ave 503-750-0500
Professional Services - LegalLaw Office of Celia A. Barlow5257 NE MLK Jr., Blvd.503-974-4948
Professional Services - SEO, marketing, advertisingPasternack Marketing
5257 NE MLK Jr. Blvd., Ste. 202-A503-928-4394
Professional Services -Law OfficeNeil Meyers PC4927 NE 14th Ave206-289-0171
Professional Services-Music LessonsPQB Productions4815 NE 23rd Avenue 541-912-8628
Retail - Children'sMilagros5433 NE 30th Avenue503-493-4141

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