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Meet the Alberta Street leadership team

We are people who believe that our community is unique. We also believe that we can make an impact on the preservation of that which makes us unique.

Additional motivators include the cultural betterment and economic stimulation of our home: Alberta Street. There is no better proof that our efforts are appreciated than to stand on Alberta Street and see something unique, quirky, or groovy on any given day.

Finally, we are a group who believe that by supporting our business district and our community we are cultivating generations who will understand the value of community from an early age.

Board of Directors

  • James Armstrong (Board President) and his wife Laura opened Alberta Eye Care in January 2013. James and Laura are committed to a strong Alberta Street. He is a firm believer that citizens can come together and affect positive change. He wants to see Alberta Street continue to grow as a place where business can succeed, community members can live, and the culture of the neighborhood remains intact. James is committed to making sure our district grows in a way that will make it an example of what growth through locally owned small business can look like. Since graduating from the University of Oregon, James has spent the past six years working in the financial industry, specializing in forensic accounting and fraud investigation.

    Angie Heiney (Board Vice President & Promotions Committee Chair), along with her business partner, Ali Wykhuis, opened Frock in 2003 and continue to curate this fabulous and thriving retail establishment today. Angie has a Masters in Business, a background in photography, and a passion for fashion and the retail experience. Angie and Ali are also committed to making a difference in our community! One of the early Alberta Street settlers, they’ve watched the Alberta Arts District grow from boarded up buildings to becoming one of the most thriving neighborhood business districts in Portland.

    Allison Chown (Secretary) is the Community Relations Director at Mimosa Studios and Operations Manager at The Portland Girl. Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Allison has called Portland home since 2007 and appreciates the sense of community here in Portland. She loves hanging out on Alberta Street throughout the year, especially with her family and friends. Allison has been a member of the Promotions Committee since January of 2014 and enjoys helping plan great events for the street.

    Eric Ohlsen (Treasurer) and his wife relocated to Portland from Washington, DC, in 2011. Eric owns Ohlsen Research, a full-service public affairs firm with expertise in political consulting, government relations, communications, opposition research, and competitive and strategic intelligence. Eric lives just off of Alberta Street in the Concordia Neighborhood. As both a business owner and a local resident, Eric wants to use his political experience to help the neighborhood he decided to settle in grow responsibly.

    Meghan Bean is a Senior Research and Evaluation Analyst with Multnomah County’s Department of Community Services where she conducts research to support a diverse set of county services including elections, animal welfare, transportation, and land use planning. Meghan and her husband Jonathan moved to the Concordia neighborhood in 2013 and began volunteering with Alberta Main Street soon after. You can usually find them out and about on Alberta Street with their foster and forever dogs.

    Roslyn Hill, a Portland native, was one of the original developers on Alberta Street. One of the first to see its potential to come back as a strong business community, Roslyn has been actively involved in the transformation of Alberta Street since the early 1990s. A designer of landscape and interiors with a strong business background, Roslyn bought a tax foreclosed building on the corner of NE 14th Place and Alberta Street in 1993. She rehabbed it and opened Roslyn’s Garden Coffee House (now the Tin Shed). She went on to buy and fix up a dozen buildings and leased to tenants with community-based rules: no bars on windows, no locked doors during business hours (which must be posted) and they must interact with the community. In the past few years Roslyn has sold many properties to her tenants. The Pub Group LLC., of which Roslyn is a member, owns 1500-1538 NE Alberta Street (home to the Alberta Co-op, Everyday Wine, Portland Hemp Works, Tran Postal Central, The Wax Skin Spa, and Helser’s). Roslyn was one of AARP’s ten Inspire Awards 2008 Honorees. “People like Roslyn truly demonstrate how dedication, resolve and spirit catapult ordinary citizens to do extraordinary things that make a real difference and build better, more livable communities,” said Jerry Cohen, State Director of AARP Oregon. “Her work shows us that creating and improving our communities is more than just bricks and mortar. It is her passion!”

    Sarah King has lived on 14th Place and Alberta for 15 years. She spent six of those years employed by small businesses on Alberta and is now co-owner of PDX Gold Dust on 30th and Alberta. Sarah lived, worked, and raised a family in this neighborhood since before it was developed into the Alberta Arts District. She has an interest in keeping this neighborhood colorful, diverse, and equitable. “This neighborhood is the center of my universe!”

    Dulcinea Myers-Newcomb is a Concordia Neighborhood resident and is currently an art educator for the Lake Oswego School District and a realtor with Living Room Realty. She is a former dancer/co-director/instructor with Gypsy Caravan Dance Company as well as creative director of Gemini Project Dance Company. She is co-chair of the Arts Committee at Vernon Elementary. She moved to the Alberta Arts District in 1999 and has watched its development. Both she and her husband are avid Alberta Street supporters!

    Eric Paine is the owner of the historic Rexall building located at NE Alberta and 24th. He has been in Portland for the last three years, living in NW Portland with his partner Kate and their son Emerson. Eric has been involved in real estate and redevelopment full time for the past 12 years (other than the two-year sabbatical through South America from 2007-2009) and his company, Community Development Partners, develops and operates income restricted affordable housing. Eric is keen to assist with the Alberta Main Street efforts to retain Alberta’s unique culture through responsible development.

    Brian Rhone is a native Oregonian (born and raised on the corner of NE 22nd and Alberta) who relocated back to Portland in 2015 from Washington, DC. Brian is the founder of the Diversity Workgroup, a management consulting firm that works with organizations throughout Oregon and the U.S. to help them understand the value of having an inclusive and diverse work environment that fosters growth and innovation by including women, people of color, and people with disabilities. Brian is a Graduate of the SBA MBA Program: Emerging Leaders USA – Class of 2016.


  • Sara Wittenberg (Executive Director) brings 20 years of public service, community development and a love for the Alberta community to her role as the Alberta Main Street Executive Director. Throughout her professional and volunteer experiences, Sara cultivated a strong network of partnerships and relationships within the public and private sectors. Sara’s personal goal to “make local habit” serves as her goal for the community as well.

    Claire Gordon (AmeriCorps*VISTA) is serving a one year term with Alberta Main Street through a grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service. Claire is enthusiastic about community-based change and brings extensive experience in writing and communications to the position. She looks forward to connecting with neighborhood residents and business owners, and to fostering a diverse, inclusive community.

Alberta Main Street Committees

  • Business Development
    Evan Harris, Chair
    The Business Development committee is responsible for analyzing current economic condition and identifying opportunities for market growth, strengthening existing businesses, recruiting new, and supporting the overall health of the district.

    Michelle Ruber & Kristin Slavin, Co-Chairs
    The Design committee is responsible for getting Alberta Street into tiptop physical shape including physical improvements to buildings, businesses and public space.

    Angie Heiney, Chair
    The Promotion committee is responsible for promoting Alberta Street as the place to live, shop, eat, and play for both residents and visitors.

    Jonnie Ling, Chair

    Promoting equity and inclusion within our organization and community. We believe Alberta Street should be a place where all people from all backgrounds can thrive.

    The Main Street Four-Point Approach® is a unique preservation-based economic development tool that enables communities to revitalize downtown and neighborhood business districts by leveraging local assets — from historic, cultural, and architectural resources to local enterprises and community pride. It is a comprehensive strategy that addresses the variety of issues and problems that challenge traditional commercial districts.

Alberta Main Street thanks its wonderful committee members for all of their time and commitment. For those of you not yet involved, we invite you to join your friends and neighbors already doing great work in our neighborhood. Simply click here to register for activities online or email us at to learn about additional opportunities available.

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